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The Right Choice For a Bright Future


The Jellyfishers are a dedicated political campaign group. With complex beliefs who understand how hard modern life is. The Jellyfishers are dedicated to putting you, the people first above corruption, above financial gain, and above the complex political field. Dedicated to making realistic change without lofty goals and unattainable promises. 

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The Jellyfishers Beliefs

The Right Choice For a Bright Future

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Aurelia Jellyfish

Educational Reform

We believe in educational reform. Our current education system is riddled with issues and a fundamental lack of care for the children that go through it. We aim to fix this by making schooling environments where the children are put first and cared for. As well as getting more funding for public schools and teachers.

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Criminal justice system reform 

We believe that one decision should not define the rest of a person's life. Our current justice system is full of corruption and officials that put money above true justice. We aim to put more Alternative community justice reform programs in place. So instead of going to jail for years for a decision that was made there will be opportunities to do community service, community therapy, and other alternatives to jail time. 

LGBTQ+ Rights

We believe that everyone despite whom they love or their gender identity should have the same basic rights as every other human. Because of these beliefs through our campaign, we will be donating a portion of our money made via merch sales to LGBTQ+ charities. As well as dedicate ourselves to protecting LGBTQ+ rights.

Raising minimum wage

Currently in the US is way below what is truly livable, with many Americans being forced to live paycheck to pay check to pick up a second job. Raising the minimum wage would allow people to live comfortably and provide for the other people in their lives. Currently 37.9 million people live in poverty. We hope to lessen this number greatly by raising the minimum wage. 

Homelessness crisis 

Homelessness is one of the largest crises in modern America. We believe that no one should be forced to sleep on the streets. Because of this we will throughout our campaign be donating to homeless shelters and charities dedicated to keeping children off of the streets.


We believe that every woman should have the right to choose what to do with their body. Therefore we believe that every woman should be able to choose whether or not to have an abortion.  Throughout our campaign, we will be dedicated to protecting women's rights as well as the right to an abortion.

Gun control

We believe that guns are and should be considered dangerous due to the issues that come along with them. There will never be a way to completely prevent people from getting guns but we would like to put more security on guns and background checks before purchasing a gun. 

Cyber security

We believe that your data should be yours and no one else should have access to it. Throughout our campaign, we will be supporting the prevention of companies and the government from accessing your private internet data. 

Animal Testing 

We believe animal testing is wrong. Sadly animal testing still happens often and is practiced by cosmetic companies. Because of this, we will be supporting and donating to anti-animal testing charities throughout our campaign. As well as dedicating ourselves to finding viable alternatives to animal testing.

Protecting the environment

We believe that the environment  should be protected above anything else. Which is why we will be investing in and donating to finding alternatives to fossil fuels. We will also be holding fundraisers and opportunities to raise money for protecting our natural forests. 

Vote For 

Lindsey Dawson 

Supporter of Gay Rights 


10235 Parkglenn Way Parker, CO 80138 United States


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